Latex Powdered Surgical Gloves - ETO Sterile

Rakshan Latex Powdered Surgical Gloves are ETO sterile disposable surgical gloves intended for use by surgeons in the operating room. The gloves are designed for a comfortable fit, textured for extra grip and lightly powdered for ease of donning.

(Gamma sterilization available upon request)

  • Formulated with Natural Latex for enhanced dexterity and comfort
  • Validated sterilization process and packaging to ensure sterility during shipping and storage
  • Available in ETO Sterile and Gamma Sterile variants
  • Factory StandardAQL 0.65 for low pinhole incidence
  • Less residual powder on gloves
  • 100% quality inspected
  • Micro textured finish on palm and fingers for a secure grip
  • Meets the requirement of ASTM D 3577, EN 455 and IS 13422