Latex Powder-Free Polymer Coated Surgical Gloves

Rakshan Latex Powder-Free Polymer Coated Surgical Gloves are ETO sterile disposable surgical gloves intended for medical use by surgeons in the operating room. The polymer coating helps achieve easy donning of the gloves but without the need for powder which can cause contamination. The gloves are designed for a comfortable fit and textured for extra grip.

  • Formulated with Natural Latex for enhanced dexterity and comfort
  • Premium grade polymer coating to increase the ease of donning the gloves
  • Factory StandardAQL 0.65 for low pinhole incidence
  • Validated sterilization process and packaging to ensure sterility during shipping and storage
  • Available in ETO Sterile and Gamma Sterile variants
  • 100% quality inspected
  • Micro textured finish on palm and fingers for a secure grip
  • Meets the requirement of ASTM D 3577, EN 455