About us

Sri Anusham Rubber Industries Private Limited was incorporated in 1988 and has been manufacturing top quality barrier products for medical and industrial use. We are pioneers in manufacturing surgical and speciality gloves following best in class quality standards and certifications to ensure that each glove we produce meets the demanding requirements of our customers. Our brand “Rakshan” (which means ‘to protect’ in Sanskrit) was launched with all the aim to provide our customers with a brand that is high quality, reliable and 100% made in India.

150 million pieces production capacity per annum.

35 years of manufacturing expertise.

Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CDSCO and BIS.

Automated production process from manufacturing to packing

Rakshan provides a full range of surgical and long gloves for healthcare and industrial uses

End to End Quality Assurance systems from raw material testing to dispatch of gloves to ensure our high quality standards.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Our production lines are tuned to produce Latex Powdered Surgical Gloves, Latex Powder-Free Surgical Gloves and Latex Powder-Free Long-Cuff Gloves.

Our in-house lab allows us to closely monitor all aspects of our production process from raw materials to finished products to ensure our quality standards are met.

Enables us to quickly dispatch sterile products to our customers and not be dependent on 3rd parties for a critical process.

These machines help to ensure consistency of packing and reduced handling of the gloves.

Warehousing to ensure ready stock at all times for any requirement.